Fuel or DEF Nozzle Relocation Flange

DEF Flange
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Fuel tank or DPF fill nozzle relocation flange. Do you have a fuel tank or DPF tank that the fill nozzle is in the way of the frame or is too short and you need to expand the neck or rotate? Our custom made flanges bolt right onto your stock 6 bolt tank!

Simply remove the 6 small screws or bolts from your tank, pull out the factory fill nozzle.  Now bolt this to the top of your fuel tank or DPF tank in the 6 different rotations this provides you using thie factory bolts/screws. (you must use a new gasket or o'ring to seal)

Now simply bolt your factory fill nozzle to the threaded top portion. (you must cut your factory hose to slide over our 1-3/4" stainless mandrel bend) 1/4" national coarse threaded bolts/screws not supplied.

These are made for heavy duty F-350/Ram 3500/Chevy 3500, tractors/semi-trucks.

Screw hole locations are 3-1/2" apart from center to center from one side of the flange to the other.

Made from Stainless steel!

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